K9 Nose Work Volunteer -- Plantsville, CT Nov 2019

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Nose Work Trials hosted by Waggin' Work LLC

Trial Location: Mount Southington Ski Area, Plantsville, CT


NW3:Saturday, November 9, 2019

NW3: Sunday, November 10, 2019


Everyone who wants to will get a chance to watch dogs work at some point during the day. You will receive additional volunteer information approximately 1-2 weeks before the trial. If you have questions about volunteering, please email kathe@wagginwork.com.


Job Descriptions

  • Registration: You will welcome competitors and volunteers, checking them in as they arrive, directing them to the appropriate crating areas, passing along any site rules, and answering other questions.
  • Gate Steward: You will make sure the "on deck" dog is ready and help to manage traffic flow to and from the crating area to the competition areas. You will also help the competitors to remain calm and keep the dogs safe.
  • Judge’s Steward: You will remind the competitors of the rules before they come to the line, pass score sheets on to the score runner, and assist in the competition area as needed.
  • Timer: You will use a stopwatch to time dogs during their run.
  • Videographer: You will videotape each competitor's runs at a certain element.
  • Box Setter: You will reset boxes that are out of place after each dog's run during the box drill.
  • Score Runner:You will take score sheets from the Judge's Steward or Judge to the scoring room.
  • Scorekeeper: You will work at the computer entering results, recording information in the scorebooks, and verifying results.